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School Tours & Field Trips Clew Bay

THE SMALL PRINT FOR THE SchooL TouR................

OPTION 1: Guided School Tour

  • Guided Tour of Clew Bay

  • Tour guide will tell history, geography and battles of the bay

  • Duartion of a tour 1 ½ hours

and the cost....

? per person ( minimum of 20 people)

OPTION 2: Sea- Safari (Linked with Science Curriculum)

  • 2 ranges of activities will be available- Jnr. Activities (Age 4-7 ) & Senior Activities (Age 8-12)

  • Duration of a tour 2 hours

  • Hands on Aspects

Observing Sea life using binoculars ( Living Things )
 Sea Food Chains & Webs (Living Things)
 Construct Motor Boat (Materials)
 Water Pollution ( Environmental Awareness & Care)

  • Qualified Primary Teachers trained in delivering the programme

  • Children split into 2 groups which alternate between activities (depending on group size)

  • A Pack will be given to teachers including all of the activities & worksheets used on board

and the cost....

?0 per person ( minimum of 20 people)

THE SMALL PRINT FOR THE FieldtriP................

  • Leaving Certificate Glaciation Study

  • Guided fieldtrip onboard Clewbay Cruises

  • Clew Bay is a lowland area, and the glacial features

   here are therefore depositional rather than erosional.

  • The study involves:

  • Examining the geology of Clew Bay

  • Examining glacial features on the map and in the field

  • Studying drumlin topography in the field and the typical profile of a drumlin

  • Calculating the weight of an erratic and the minimum distance travelled

  • Exploring an alluvial fan

  • Examining erosion since the Ice Age

  • Examining how the Ice Age has affected Man’s use of the area

  • Measuring the angle of slope of the U shaped valley

  • Exploring tourism

and the cost....

?0 per person ( minimum of 20 people)
? per person   ( 30 - 50 people)

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